Top 4 reasons to stay in Apartment Arya

Choosing the right accommodation can be tricky, especially if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. To make it easier for you, we listed Top 4 reasons to stay in Apartment Arya in Makarska!

apartment arya makarska accommodation croatia 1 bedroom

A ground floor apartment

Situated in a quiet apartment building, Apartment Arya offers quiet mornings and a relaxed stay. It is on a ground floor, which might seem wierd at first, but consider the benefits:

  • no walking up and down many stairs when you’re already tired from swimming all day long
  • great for families with kids (no climbing over the high fences, balconies, etc.)
  • accessible for people with difficulties walking and getting around (only three steps at the entrance)

apartment arya makarska accommodation croatia 1 harbor

Center of the town

With the main Makarska beach only around 500 meters away, it will take you less than 5 minutes of easy walking to get to the sea. When we say 5 minutes, we mean it. Makarska is surrounded by hills and many apartment owners claim that it’s 5-10 minutes from them to the beach, and don’t mention that you will walk uphill from the beach back to the apartment (and that can take more than half an hour in hot sun). Apartment Arya, however, is located in the center of Makarska, just above the bus station, and it really takes no more than 5 minutes to get to it from the beach.

apartment arya makarska accommodation croatia 1 beach
One of many beautiful beaches in Makarska Riviera (Photo: Boris Luetić)

Modern interior

Apartment Arya was built only a few years ago, and with future in mind. All the furniture is brand new, all the appliances as well. When you check in, you will find many useful little things laying around, that most people forget to bring to the vacation (like some basic condiments in the kitchen, towels, hairdryers, shower gels, first aid kit, etc.) You might also notice the posters on the wall. These are official posters from MaFest Festival – first Festival of comic books in Makarska. You can read more about the festival here. The posters depict Makarska top locations, seen through the eyes of the artist who made them, and who placed their favourite characters there. As you can see, we pay attention to local products and love to support local events.

apartment arya makarska accommodation croatia 6

Everything at hand

As soon as you check in, make sure you go through our custom made Welcome Book. It contains all info on Apartment Arya, how to get around, where the nearest stores are, what you should visit, and where to eat. If you wish to have a guide everywhere around you, make sure you download the Makarska Riviera All In mobile guide. It is free of charge, free of spam, available for Android and IOS, and it is loaded with information about the area. The flyer with download links is also available at the apartment. We tried to cover the basics, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we are always there for you.

apartment arya makarska accommodation croatia 1 sunset
You can enjoy a sunset like this over Osejava peninsula (Photo: Boris Luetić)

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