Travel in 2021. – what to expect in post-Covid19 era?

Let’s admit it – 2020 was hard on everyone. Many people lost their job security, making traveling a less obvious choice in the summer months. With the pandemic going wild, travel became unimportant for many. However, it is in human nature to explore, to seek new experiences and to try and visit new places. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, travel has still been made possible by many countries, institutions, agencies and renters. We took hygienic measures to a new level, and made it possible for our guests to feel safe. Those who stayed at Apartment Arya in 2020, can witness this.

Best view in the whole world!

Photo: Makarska Riviera All In

Sea or mountain?

Staying in the center of Makarska also has its privileges. If you wish to explore the old town – good news – it’s only a few hundred meters away. Mountain Biokovo is right behind your back, and a year of exploring it probably would not be enough to cover all of its amazing views and nature.
Biokovo Nature Park office in Makarska is a good place to start – the staff will help organize your day on the mountain, and many agencies in town offer hiking, walking, cycling and sightseeing tours of the mountain. Make sure the one you choose provides a fully licenced tour guide, as Biokovo does not forgive rookie mistakes. We also recommend you pick the smaller group tours, as the guide will be more adaptable and will probably devote more time to you and all the questions you might have about the area.

Do not miss out on Biokovo Skywalk – it is the newest best thing on Makarska Riviera!

Video: Makarska Riviera

For those who wish to explore hidden beaches and snorkeling locations on their own, we can recommend boat tours or even renting out a mini boat for themselves. There are loads of choices – you only have to go the city harbor and take your pick.

Many secluded beaches offer privacy and distance from others
Photo: Makarska Riviera All In

Stress-free dining

Eating out is also still a possibility. Now, more then ever, restaurants will go out of their way to make sure you have the best possible dining experience. They will provide more necessary space between tables and have fewer guests at the time, while also giving your waiters an opportunity to be there for you even more than before. If you really don’t feel like eating out, don’t worry, in Apartment Arya you can use the fully equipped kitchen, or simply order takeout from any of Makarska’s restaurants. Even those which did not offer takeout before, now mostly do.

Have you tried the local food?
Photo: Konoba Kalalarga

Croatian holiday planning tips & tricks

Planning a vacation in these circumstances can be a bit daunting, but it is definitely doable. Make sure you check out the official Croatian Coronavirus website – they update it frequently, and it is the best source for getting official info on crossing the Croatian border.
We are also very happy to announce that nearly every week more and more airlines are bringing back direct lines to Split and Dubrovnik, making it easier to plan your holiday. Happy planning and see you soon!

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