Top 5 places in Makarska to visit

Wandering around Makarska can be extremely interesting! Although the town is mostly known for mass tourism and wild nightlife, the area surrounding it also offers many things to do besides partying and hitting the beach. Here’s top 5 places in Makarska to visit while staying in Apartment Arya:

Kotišina botanical garden

Just above Makarska, 5 minute drive away, is the village of Kotišina. The village is dominated by a 17 century fortress, built into the side of mountain Biokovo. The fort has recently been completely renovated and it will soon be opened for public.
Right next to the fort is the Botanical Garden. This garden is a small version of Biokovo – which means that all the plants growing there are naturally occurring, and there’s no real order to them. Visiting the botanical garden in Kotišina will give you insight into the mountain’s plants, but also wildlife, history and geology.

Kotišina fortress and botanical garden
The 17C fortress in Kotisina hamlet above Makarska is built into Biokovo mountain

St Peter – the peninsula of love

One of two peninsulae that embraces Makarska is the St Peter’s peninsula. Right off the main city beach, with a romantic lighthouse on it, the peninsula has always been a place for lovers and romantics. Walking from the beach, across the peninsula, by the St Peter’s church, and towards the town harbor, you will reach the Makarska lovelocks – a place to lock your love forever. Make sure you bring a lovelock with you: write in your initials and leave your heart in Makarska!

Lovelocks in Makarska
Lovelocks Makarska

Skywalk Biokovo – a millon dollar view

The view of the mountain is incredible from any side. But to stand on the Skywalk Biokovo glass is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our guests. The view varies from day to day, and if it is really clear, you’ll be able to see all the way to Italy across the Adriatic – over 250 kilometers away. Be careful, the road to the skywalk is narrow and winding, and sometimes you can’t even pass the car coming your way (you’ll have to reverse back to the nearest passing spot). It is not for the faint-hearted, and you might want to take a guided tour instead. Many agencies in the town center offer tours of the mountain, with visit to Skywalk included.

The glass catwalk on Skywalk Biokovo (Photo: Nature Park Biokovo)
The glass catwalk on Skywalk Biokovo (Photo: Nature Park Biokovo)

Brela rock

One of those places which is incredible in real life as much as it is in the photos is Brela Rock. The rock is the symbol of Brela.It is worth the 20 minute trip from Makarska. Make sure you drop by, even for just one afternoon. Brela has a long history in tourism and the beaches are pristine: Punta rata beach is a proud owner of the Blue flag (the one that marks quality of sea and cleanliness of the beach).

Brela Rock is the symbol of Brela
Brela rock – the symbol of Brela (Photo:

Seagull’s wing in Podgora

A monument to fallen heroes of WW2 is a must-see when visiting Makarska. Located just above Podgora village, this work of art raises 18 meters up into the air. In the summer months, concerts, plays and other events take place in the arena at the foot of the monument.

The Seagull's wing monument raising above Podgora
The Seagull’s wing monument raising above Podgora (Photo:

These top 5 places to visit in Makarska are only the ones we first thought of. There are many, many more to explore! Read more about the wonders of Makarska Riviera here! And remember, your car gives you freedom to see everything – the Adriatic Highway is one hell of a road with some of the most incredible scenery.

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